Can you match the profile on my door facing / dado rail / skirting etc, which I need to replace?

Yes,we offer a bespoke machining service, the information we need is as follows:

  • A sample of the facing or an accurate & detailed sketch
  • The species of timber you require it to be machined in
  • The amount of timber you require

How long will it take to reproduce?

Usually any bespoke machining takes around 8-10 working days although this may vary.

How much will it cost?

Each job is unique and priced on an individual basis. There are many factors we consider when working out the best price for you. These include:

  • The current market cost of the timber you require
  • The time involved to reproduce your moulding, the more detail the moulding has ,the longer it takes to grind the steel to match the original
  • The time involved to set the machine up and run the machine to reproduce your moulding.

If we have a similar alternative we hold in stock, we will offer this to you.

Will there be any waste on the lengths of timber on my order?

We endeavour to get the lengths of timber our customers require but there is a high probability that there will be some waste on the lengths. As timber is a natural product & comes in various lengths, this is out with our control.

We explain to our customers when an order is confirmed that the material will be supplied in lengths closest to what they are looking for and some waste is likely.

I would like one of your mouldings in a timber which you don't stock. Could this be machined for me?

Yes, we can run our stock mouldings in most timbers, again allow about 7-10 working days for this. Please contact us for a current quotation.